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Risk Strategy/Management

A Businessman and Construction Worker Shaking Hands in Front of Commercial Property SiteWhether it’s property and casualty insurance, small business insurance or commercial insurance – finding the right plan for your commercial enterprise can be a daunting task. There’s a lot to consider, from weighing the potential risks of property loss to making sure you’ve secured enough coverage required by law, and the list goes on and on.

That’s what we’re here for. At Premier, we work with you, taking the time to understand and review the details and nuances of your business, providing advice on the best ways to manage your risk, and underwriting a policy that meets your business, as well as financial goals. Ultimately, our goal is to give your business a strong foundation of all aspects of business success.

Actual Scenarios We Have Implemented for Our clients so you understand how Premier goes above and beyond:

  • Owner of 40-unit apartment building was forced by his bank to insure for his loan amount. We were able to obtain replacement value reports and force his bank to allow him to insure for 30% less.
  • Owner of a 10,000 sqft shopping center had a windstorm policy where his building was mistakenly classified by another insurance agent as a weaker building type. We identified this mistake and helped the client correct his existing windstorm policy, lowering his premium by 25% and getting him a retroactive refund.
  • Owner of a 40-employee company had his workers compensation, payroll, and benefits administered through an employee leasing company. We assisted her in terminating the leasing contract and sourcing/administering each coverage and service, saving the company $60,000 per year.
  • By assisting a building owner with an uncooperative and unhelpful claims adjuster after a fire at his property, we were able to help him get a claim payment of $55,000 after the adjuster initially offered $26,000.
  • By helping the owner of a 27-employee contracting firm institute minimum driver safety requirements and alter certain employment practices to eliminate bad drivers from his fleet, we were able to lower his auto insurance costs by $22,000 per year.